Neon Led: Advantages


Despite their quality and uniqueness, signs from The New Neons won’t break the bank – especially compared to glass neon signs. 


LED lights are durable and shock-proof. Also, because they emit very low heat, you won’t get easily burned like you might with other light sources.


When you buy from The New Neons, you’re investing in quality. Our LED technology will shine bright for up to 100,000 hours!


Nothing brings your design concept to life like a neon LED light sign. Our show stopping signs will take any room from dull to dazzling!


LED lights are the eco-friendly way to go! They are extremely energy-efficient and have a long lifespan so you don’t have to frequently replace the lights.


Worried about your sign breaking before it arrives? Luckily, neon signs are incredibly durable and we package them securely to prevent damage during transit!


While glass neon signs can make an annoying buzzing noise, our LED light signs are completely quiet. You can enjoy their appearance without the distracting background noise.

Perfectly Lit with Multiple LEDs

Imbalanced lighting is a distraction and detracts from the beauty of a neon sign. We ensure lighting in our signs is uniform with no dark spots.

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