That's my creation, what's yours?

The New Neons is a company that offers contemporary artwork in the form of custom neon signs. We are passionate about taking boring, empty spaces and making them extraordinary through unique works of art.

Cassy Tordjman founded this company with the belief that art makes an impact. She wanted to make stunning neon signs that are accessible to everyone. In addition to her artistic eye and passion for great design, Cassy brings her own background in marketing and advertising to her business. She chose to partner with the neon masters in Shenzhen who brought 10 years of industry experience to The New Neons.

Why Neon Signs?

There are numerous reasons why Cassy loves neon signs for wall décor. While paintings and photographs are great, this is a unique alternative. Art is even more exciting when it’s one of a kind! The New Neons know how to make blank walls pop
But neon signs are so much more than just eye-catching. People are drawn to light. The glow emitted by the LED lights in our signs imitates the glow of the sun on a small scale. On dark, overcast days when you could use a little extra sunlight, a neon sign powered by LED lights is a great mood booster.
Our pre-made and custom neon signs are also a unique addition to celebrations like weddings. We have a special events collection to take your party to the next level and make it unforgettable. After your event is over, you’ll have gained a piece of art you can use at home.

Every sign from The New Neons is made by hand. We are extremely detail-oriented and have perfected our process to create only the finest LED neon signs.

Love, The New Neons Team